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Protocol for proper disinfecting/sanitizing since COVID.

Fitness on Broughton hired a new commercial cleaning company in November of 2019. Since then, the routine maintenance of the building, equipment, lockers, and high traffic/touch areas has increased. If you have not been in the facility for a while, I can assure you will be able to tell the difference upon your return. The commercial cleaning company makes daily visits 7 days a week, uses hospital grade disinfectants and sanitizers for broad spectrum disinfection/sanitization. Our front desk attendants are required to wipe down equipment during their shifts, paying special attention to high touch surfaces, for example, dumbbells and weight machine handles, cardio equipment screens, etc. In addition to our staff wiping equipment, each member and guest are required to use a personal sanitizing spray bottle and microfiber wipe before and after use (provided by the gym). Finally, our commercial cleaning company wipes the equipment during their routine nightly visits. Aside from cleaning, some other steps we are taking to ensure a safe atmosphere are listed below. One of honorable mention is the air purification system we installed that has been proven to significantly reduce a wide range of pathogens. Please read more about this system 

  • Employee temperature checks. If you are not feeling well please stay home. We have a touch less thermometer behind the front desk for member use as well. Just ask a front desk attendant!

  • We are providing masks for entry and exit, but are not required during physical activity

  • We are limiting/monitoring the number of people in the building in compliance with the regulations (1 person for every 200 sq ft)

  • Requiring 6ft of distancing 

  • Installed iWave air purifier

  • Commercial cleaning 7 days a week with hospital grade disinfectants

  • Routine hourly cleaning 

Please keep these in mind when you return to the gym:

1) Wash your hands frequently and as often as possible

2) Do not touch your face

3) Maintain 6 ft distancing

4) Wipe equipment before and after use

5) Keep up a healthy routine! Healthy individuals are less susceptible to disease


*Lifting the suspension on your membership is easy. Just notify a front desk attendant and they will adjust your account accordingly.


We hope to see you soon, stay well!

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